JTNews: Edition II

Here is the second half of the article I was quoted in, about Evergreen. I’m not in this half, but its worth reading anyway. You can find the article here

The best part, in my opinion, is the man who says, “It’s beyond just Israel; it’s sort of the Lord of the Flies… The kids without parental control all of a sudden start to run amok and lose all sense of civilization.”

Personally, I think that is a bit of an exaggeration… However hippie-dippy Evergreen students might be, we are far from savages.

As far as accuracy goes, the first half of the article (the one I posted a few weeks ago), says that all 6 members of the right-wing SIAA Shalom group left Evergreen before graduation, due to intense feelings of uncomfortableness and intimidation. In this article, they say that two SIAA Shalom members actually did graduate from Evergreen. I guess they didn’t feel too bad after all. Not a huge deal, but enough that I’m going to send them a correction.


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